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Natural Light Desk Lamp

Ionmax DF3028 Natural Light Desk Lamp
Price: AU$169

Available in Silver and Black *******Please state your preference on your order********

The Ionmax DF3028 lamp is back by popular demand. The DF3028  lamp provides us with flicker-free, glare-free soft white light that provides more clarity and comfort while we work or read. Combined with an inbuilt negative ioniser, the DF3028 Natural Light Desk Lamp also balances and revitalises the air that we breathe while we work.

  • Clean, white flicker-free and glare-free light
  • Inbuilt negative ioniser helps revitalise and clean the air
  • Smart sensor notifies us when surrounding light is below 150LUX
  • Highly flexible and adjustable to various angles and directions
  • Improves clarity and reduces eye strain, fatigue and discomfort from flickering light

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