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Vitamix 5200 Standard Package

Price: AU$995

The Vita-mix 5200 model boasts:

A more powerful motor capable of rotating the surgical steel blades at a whopping 240 miles/386.24km per hour ((Over 30,000 RPM - up to 37,000 RPM). This not only blends your foods into a super smooth liquid, the Vitamix pulverises foods at a cellular level unlocking the tough pulp, skin and seeds so you get the maximum nutrition from your foods. (220-240V) (1,000 - 1,200 W)

A seven year warranty! Yes finally Vitamix have realised that Australia does deserve the same warranty that they give USA residents. It's rare that someone has a genuine warranty problem with a Vitamix but rest assured that you are covered for 7 years with this new development! 

The same quality and smoothness that we know and love. Blend your greens until they are silky smooth and highly bio-available.  

The Vitamix 5200 comes with:

    * Patented Spill-Proof Vented Lid
    * Co Polyester 2 Litre Wet Container
    * Hammermill Stainless Steel Blades
    * Variable Speed Motor (220-240 Volts)
    * Heavy-Duty Wear-Resistant Base
    * Unique Tamper Tool for Extreme Processing Power.

Also Included in this Package:

    * Vitamix machineWhole Food Recipes Easel Cook Book
    * Getting Started Cook Book
    * Let's Get Started DVD
    * 7 Year Warranty

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